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How This Works

Presentation Format

  • Head to toe presentation format paralleling sequence of a primary care provider’s complete physical exam, while highlighting health problems unique to the population your are addressing.

  • Participants are invited to interrupt with any questions they may have and frequently use these lectures as opportunities to clarify questions not raised in their primary care visits. Product safety issues are frequently raised & addressed.

  • Topics are presented in a user-friendly, often humorous, way. Humor works well to engage your audience. Comfort with your subject matter is imperative.

  • Specific examples of potential health problems are described and their treatment and prevention explored clearly in this comfortable non-threatening setting.

  • Throughout the lectures any prevention and treatment products identified must have their specific use explained. Presenters use gift bag items as visual demos. NP Outreach provides updated information about all products in each registration bag set

  • NP Outreach screens the product gift bags and highlights any counter indications and presenters are trained to screen attendees appropriately

  • Presenters do not charge the facilities for their services, nor do the facilities charge the presenters or their medical group

Image by MedicAlert UK

Why This Works

  • Businesses, government and Community organizations often share common goals with health care providers in the area of public health education, but require coordination to join forces in achieving those goals.

  • Patients learn best in a comfortable social setting, rather than the undressed sterile typical medical exam room setting.

  • Gift bags and other motivational incentives are effective methods for bringing patients to health promotion activities.

  • Chronic health care problems are not effectively prevented or treated in the acute care setting, as demonstrated by increasing rates of diabetes, cardiac disease, COPD, mental illness, and obesity in the United States.

  • Group Medical Visits and Shared Medical Visits are interesting new billable service delivery models, that are difficult to accommodate within most primary care offices.

  • Bringing patients into wellness and health promoting settings is a way for Nurse Practitioners to break up the chronic illness office visit patterns and introduce patients to local currently under utilized resources.

  • It was through the process of repeatedly writing grants, networking with Community organizations and businesses, working with fellow NP’s and refining outreach programs and curriculum that Nurse Practitioner Outreach was formed. We invite you to join the team.

If you are an experienced Nurse Practitioner and would like to learn more about becoming an NP Outreach Presenter, please take some time to complete our simple application either by:

  • Using the corresponding link on the left to download & print the application and mail it, along with your resume, to the address on the form.

  • Using the corresponding link on the left to complete the form online and attach your résumé.

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