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About Us

To Be A Presenter:

The Nurse Practitioners who founded NP Outreach got their start by writing a grant proposal. That program was funded by the Mass Dept of Public Health and a regional hospital as a pilot outreach parenting program for families in 1992 called “With Child”. In the years that followed the program developers learned several things:


  • Nurse Practitioners are extremely effective health educators with unique abilities to understand and support their local population's needs Community based educational programs have unique abilities to address the local population’s health care needs

  • Nurse Practitioners often lack the time and funding to do the amount of outreach that is requested of them

  • By working with community organizations, schools, businesses and health maintenance organizations, NP Outreach has been able to provide encouragement and support our NP’s need to affectively fulfill their mandate

Nurse Talking to Patient

How It Works

  • Nurse Practitioners network with community recreational centers, senior centers, schools, hospitals, and/or health clubs in their primary care practice region to provide motivational programs linked to existing healthy lifestyle classes all of which have a four to six week duration.

  • Curriculum, data collection, course materials and incentive course registration gifts are provided by the NP Outreach team. NP Outreach’s material is kept up to date with the latest clinical guidelines

  • Each participant receives a gift bag of healthy products upon enrolling in a center-based healthy lifestyle series of their choice. Registration Enrollment fees are used to offset costs of gift bags and help insure participant turn out

  • Your program is publicized through various media such as: community center mailings; promotional posters, local radio media and newspapers. The NP Outreach team will assist you in this process.

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