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Today’s Nurse Practitioner entrepreneurs face shortages in funding as well as staffing. Within the traditional health care settings we have limited time and resources to fulfill outreach initiatives for patient education and health promotion. NP Outreach was created in 2000 to assist busy working Nurse Practitioners by supporting the networking of community resources, local media, educators, grant writers, health insurers, marketers and product manufacturers to promote public health.


In accordance with the American Nurses Association's "Code for Nurses", it is our mission as an organization of Nurse Practitioners to collaborate "with members of the health professions and other citizens in promoting community and national efforts to meet the health needs of the public." -ANA Code for Nurses-


It is simultaneously our goal to promote public awareness of the role of Nurse Practitioners as providers of quality health care. The increasing prevalence of chronic health conditions in the United States requires that we reexamine current service delivery models, and ask ourselves:

At NP Outreach we believe “the box” may be our current primary care office. We are committed to finding affordable ways to increase access to care - linked to nontraditional sites of care. By moving ourselves and our potentially chronically ill patients from the “sick office” to community wellness settings, we are physically guiding them on a path to health. We are dedicated to this journey.


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